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News Articles

Locals News, Local Views. Caravan News features categories; Local News, Events, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Sports all local information for the public.  Submissions to CaravanNews.com are emailed to Letters@CaravanNews.com and can include a photo attached for better placement on website. Non-event press releases are reviewed weekly then uploaded online.

Event Press Releases

If your press release is to promote an event please go to eStockton.com and post your event there. eStockton.com is the sister website of CaravanNews.com and we pull event information from there to post online with Caravan and printed.

Printed Caravan

If space is available in the Caravan Newspaper's print version, your article may be included. Deadline to send information is the 15th of the month prior to the publication. The online version of CaravanNews.com is updated weekly by Caravan News staff. Submit your articles in early and often!


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