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Humankindness Awards
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Humankindness Awards

Recognizing staff at St. Joseph’s Medical Center.

At St. Joseph's Medical Center we believe in going the extra mile when it comes to caring for our patients. We love the opportunity to recognize our staff members for their extra special acts of compassion and kindness, be they big or small. We encourage all who have seen a staff member, doctor, or volunteer demonstrate a special act of kindness toward someone in need, to nominate that individual for a Hello Humankindness CARE Award. Contact our Administrative Office at 209.467.6315 to share your story and make a Hello Humankindness CARE Award nomination.

Here’s a list of the honorees:

Julie Adams
Maria Azner-Yao
Julie Baca
Dawn Bacon
Daryl Berryman
Lorrie Lightle-Cassidy
Karen Dawson
Maria Mendoza
Maria Delao
Michelle Duckworth
Ini Ekong
Gema Gementiza
Ken Gomes
Lily Guinti
Bill Hargett
Renee Herrera
Megan Higgins
Chaplain Carolyn Hinshaw
Anna Irzarry
Jason Jones
Trina Jugueta
Shaheen Kahn
Elizabeth Lampman
Vicki Lucero
Jennifer Matthews
Jill McColl
Nickolas Mimillas
Francisca Munoz
Paula Newman
Monica Patel
Mary Russell Raagas
Judi Sanders
Mianna Sermeno
Aaron Tan
Lorna Telles
Rachelle Ussery
Grace Villena
Rowena Wallen
Kathleen Withrow
Kim Wolf
Denise Wood
Lorrie Yakulis

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